Two score years today I reached;

Time to be pensive and to dream.

Being far from my beloved,

Thought of jotting down some thoughts –

Though unpolished and still rugged –

An expression of esteem.

Looking back,

I discover,

Many a spring,

And a summer,

Have I lost

Off the track.

Marching on a path not mine,

Moved by spirit sublime

Yet by thoughts unscientific

Served in essence bourgeois schemes

Offering masses mere dreams.

While still groping for the path

To fulfill my aspirations

Met a partner on the road

That did give me inspiration

My greatest wish

We not desist

What counts is will

To still persist

The start is late,

The path is long

Should move full speed

Steps firm and strong.

Of victory I am confident

That I can pour some cement

In the masses edifice

Is the source of hope and bliss.

This is the meaning

Of my life

My joy great

And ultimate

Is to share it

With my wife

Hanoi, October 24th, 1975

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